What We Do

Marathon Event Marketing (M.E.M) is a firm focused on helping organizations maximize their fund-raising potential by using an all inclusive web based solution in conjunction with our proven marathon fundraising campaigns.

Our goal is to help organizations maximize their ability to raise funds, build a vibrant community of supporters, and achieve marketing success, using a web based solution.

Who We Help

  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Charities
  • Community Organizations
  • Corporate Fundraising Initiatives
  • Individuals Supporting a Cause


  • Leading social platform for fundraising
  • Tools to help you effectively raise money
  • Use your story to raise funds
  • Raising money is safe and easy
  • Create a personal page with logo
  • Email to anyone
  • Donation made by credit card
  • Company incentives maximize fundraising
Monday, Nov 24th, 2014

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